2 breaststroke technique exercises to improve your breaststroke swimming speed

2 breaststroke technique exercises to improve your breaststroke swimming speed

There are three olympic swimmers that have very narrow breaststroke kick. Since they have been the best in the world at some point or another, many young swimmers model their breaststroke technique after them.

Yulia Efimova 50 breaststroke

Adam Peaty 100 breaststroke

Rebecca Soni 200 breaststroke

This is not the only way to swim fast breaststroke, but Adam Peaty makes it difficult to argue against this technique. One way you can practice your narrow kick is by putting a pull buoy between your legs. This will prevent you from spreading your legs as long as you keep the pull buoy in place. The main disadvantage of this technique is that you won’t have a very strong kick, however, an effective breaststroke technique is about reducing drag and keeping your body in line and high in the water. That’s why this stroke technique works, it reduces a big amount of drag and helps you swim in a tighter tube. After you get a hold of how this technique works, take the pull buoy out and feel how much faster your kick is.

It is a good idea to match this narrow kick with a fast short stroke. To really understand how short your stroke must be, you can climb out of the pool and practice your pull this way. This is how far your hands should go before they recover in front.

Now go and practice this narrow breaststroke technique. You will find that it is more exhausting but if you practice it and make it your own, it will be worth it.

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