2018 Philippine Fashion Gala ft. wearable art by MITCH E.V. (Fashion Art Dolls)

2018 Philippine Fashion Gala ft. wearable art by MITCH E.V. (Fashion Art Dolls)


by Mitch E.V.

I have been interested in dolls since childhood. I even made my own dolls, (paper dolls) when I was a child, and I drew a lot of paper dresses for my paper dolls as well.

When I look back at the diversity of painting, digital designs, digital fshion and crafting that I’ve been doing for the past years, I realized, that childhood memory could be the timestamp when I started to get fascinated with articulated dolls, dress forms and posers basically used by artists and designers for their craft.

And as I have read in the history, there was a time that the purpose of dolls, especially the “fashion dolls” has transformed from practical to artistic, reinforcing the notion that clothes are not just something that we put on our body, but can be an artistic expression of ideas and individuality.

Fashion is not just glam and fab clothes that cover the bodies of our consumer-oriented society, but is also a medium for expressing ideas and creativity. And Art is not just the finished product. It also lies in the process of making it.

The medium of expression in wearable art, or artwear, remains unlimited. It doesn’t matter if the fashion design is woven, crocheted, bejewelled, dyed, painted, or simply sewn; it’s the fusion of the the process, the artist’s intention and the end product with the human body that makes the artistic statement. Wearable art is incomplete until someone actually wears it, for admiration and interpretation.

In relation to this, I would like to consider my (5th Digital “Art” iMprints on the Ramp) collection as a celebration or a tribute to the Filipino; men and women who for me, serve as articulated dolls, mannequins, and posers of every playful artist and designer. My dolls are the models who will sashay around wearing my digitally imprinted aRt-To-Wear and garment designs on the ramp.


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