5 Best Phones For Kids In 2020

5 Best Phones For Kids In 2020

5 Best Phones For Kids In 2020

Giving your kid a personal phone brings some pros and cons, the phone can be used as a communication tools or a distraction on their study. Some parents claim that they provide the phone for safeguarding purposes. However, no one can’t guarantee how the kids gonna use their phone, some even use it to make social media which distracted the kids from studying. On today’s video we have list some best phones for Kids in 2020.

1. Relay Screenless Phone
This phone by Republic Wireless is mainly use for communication purposes for kids. It is pretty much like a walkie-talkie. This $149 phone connects over 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, and it includes build-in GPS, so you can track down your child’s location through the companion app on your own phone. This sturdy phone is also water resistant, and the mobile network connectivity is also limited to the US, but the Wi-Fi will work internationally.

2. LG GizmoPal 2
This wrist communication device has a colorful design, simple controls, and water resistance. This approximately $149 wearable also features GPS tracking, so you can always track down your child’s location or find the watch if it is lost. You can also set up four authorized telephone numbers on this wearable and named the numbers. You can also set the GizmoPal 2 to automatically answer your calls. This GizmoPal 2 is compatible with iOS and Android.

3. Nokia 3310 3G
This phone from Nokia is known for its very long battery life, simple features, and durability. It is a perfect device for your pre-teens. This Nokia 3310 3G is made of plastic, so you don’t have to worry when your kids drop this device. The battery on this phone can last for a month on standby mode. This $59 phone can make calls, texting messages and takes some pictures.

4. Blu Tank Xtreme 2.4
This affordable phone is perfect for your pre-teen since it is quite durable. The plastic and rubber frame of this phone can handle the occasional drop, and an IP65 rating can shrug off a splash of water now and then. This phone is also known for its long lasting battery so your kids do not need charge this phone too often.

5. Jitterbug Flip
This phone can do basic calling and texting functions as well as a simple camera. This phone also features a large, easy-to-read text, and the buttons which are easy to press. This Jitterbug Flip is also known for its battery durability.

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