Fitbit Ace is the $ 100 band that aims to get your kids in the mix.

Fitbit Ace is the $ 100 band that aims to get your kids in the mix.

Fitbit Ace is the $ 100 band that aims to get your kids in the mix.

Fitbit had never done a fitness tracker for children before, but now it is. The Fitbit Ace is specifically designed for children aged 8 and up, according to the company: it is designed to motivate children, and also so that families can use it to stay active together. It was announced along with Fitbit’s new lower-priced smart watch, the Fitbit Versa.

I have two children, and both run a lot and get super sweaty. According to the Fitbit research, however, children after age 8 tend to become more sedentary. The Ace is basically a Fitbit High reused fitness tracker of slim design and general purpose released in 2016 with new software and targets that point to recommendations from the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control on exercise Active diary and sleep.

The goal of Fitbit Ace is to keep children moving for 60 active minutes per day, and focus on getting nine to 12 hours of sleep. Those are higher goals than the recommendations of adults thank God.

Like the previous Fitbit Alta, the Fitbit Ace can follow steps, sleep and exercise in general. It has a tapless screen without buttons that works as a clock and will have up to 10 watch faces to choose from. It will not track the heart rate, and can not be used when swimming is “splash-resistant” for sweat and showers.

A new Fitbit Family account will allow parents to add trackers for their children through their own phones, or the Ace can also be paired with a phone for children. The new modes include specific badges and a five-day challenge mode that allows the family to compete with each other. Parents will control the privacy and connection of the child with other friends and groups of Fitbit.


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