How to Access 3G Data on your Android Smartwatch

How to Access 3G Data on your Android Smartwatch

If you have a pure Android based smartwatch with a SIM card slot, then you may be able to access 3G data from your watch. If your phone carrier uses the GSM network (like a&t and T-Mobile in the USA), and supports specific frequencies used in the watch (see your watch specs to find out what frequencies are supported), then you can try creating the settings shown here (using the specific settings provided by your carrier) to establish an APN (Access Point Network) for your watch.

Actually, your watch is already set up for data. It has the radios, antennas and basic settings it needs to get you on the Web. All you need to do is provide some simple settings information for it all to work. This video guides you where to go and what to do on your watch. If you are using a different carrier than at&t, you use their information, but put it in the same place on your watch.

Here are the carrier links for setting up your APN:
USA T-Mobile:
Outside the USA try this:
Or hava a look at this:

NOTE: All these resources have been provided by YouTube viewer “HT D (Syncrellion)” A special shout out to him for telling me about the at&t APN link and got this whole ball rolling. He had data, and I didn’t. 🙁 When he told me how, I tried it, it worked, and you’re seeing the results here. 🙂 Community teamwork in action!

If you are successful getting your smartwatch on the Web through cellular data, please share with us your country, your carrier, and your APN settings in the comments below. That will help others configure their watches as well. We all appreciate your support.

Happy surfing/streaming/social networking!

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