Huawei Fit Quick Look: Fitness meets elegance | Pocketnow

Huawei Fit Quick Look: Fitness meets elegance | Pocketnow

If there’s one thing that Huawei proved last year is it could make a damn fine smartwatch, and this year, fitness takes the stage. You’ve heard me say it time and time over, Android Wear and fitness don’t really match, unless you talk about the Polar M600. We actually don’t blame Huawei for just skipping the drama of trying to figure that out, and are actually pleasantly surprised by the approach with the Huawei Fit.

We were recently invited to a private event in NYC to showcase the company’s Holiday gift offerings that include all of its latest and greatest products, which included some of our favorites like the Huawei Matebook and the Honor 8. It also served for us to learn about the new Huawei Fit, which blends the elegance of the Huawei Watch design on a sleeker chasis and a more efficient approach.

Watch our video to learn more.


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Huawei Fit Quick Look: Fitness meets elegance | Pocketnow