Ibitz Wireless Kids Activity Tracker by GeoPalz, Step Into Rewards

Ibitz Wireless Kids Activity Tracker by GeoPalz,  Step Into Rewards

ibitz wireless fitness monitor Today we review the ibitz activity trackers from GeoPalz. There is the ibitz PowerKey Kids and the ibitz Unity for Parents. Both devices are wireless pedometers that use Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Power Bluetooth) to transmit the steps you take to your iPhone.

The ibitz Kids allows parents to setup rewards based on how many steps the kids walk. You can do things like let them play Minecraft only after they have walked a certain amount of steps. The Kids App using a spaceship and you reach different planets as you power your spaceship through the galaxy by walking.

Here is some more information –
With ibitz for kids, children will have their character blast off and explore the galaxy in a spaceship powered by their steps. The more active the child is, the more they can explore and the more rewards they can earn.

Adults can set goals and add rewards for their child to keep them active and exploring. Kids can even earn coins and exclusive content through Disney’s Club Penguin.

The ibitz for adults, tracks minute by minute activity, including steps, distance, and calories burned, for themselves as well as the entire family, by day, week, month or year.

A great solution for the whole family!

The ibitz for Kids is $34.95 and the ibitz Unity for Parents is $49.95

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