Introducing The first ever Indian SMART WATCH at 23:48 ( Drake – Marvins Room cover ) – Abi

Introducing The first ever Indian SMART WATCH at 23:48 ( Drake – Marvins Room cover ) – Abi

I am singing drake’s Marvins room on conor maynard’s piano version and my song ” its 23:48 ”
And here’s my new advanced digital watch that I invented last night for myself, if you want to buy this piece then i can make another one for you but hold on, make sure your age holds the minimum age limit of 11.
Smart Watch Brands still working hard to make this type of watches but still lacking smartness and it’s unavailable till now at their companies, but there are people like me and stark who actually make it and we do work together sometimes, other companies are still 10 years away from us and Hammer industries, 20 and my bro stark helped me to choose its beam light color, coz i got confused between blue and green. So make sure you give him his compliments too if you like his color choices!

So if you want this sexy piece on your hand shining in front of your girl you want to kiss then this is the best thing, time and place for you hunks, grab the opportunity and make all of em beg for you. (Tip – never try to act like me, i am actually tryna show my overacted sadness for my guitar on this vid so that i can watch my self here and cry on my own to get my old guitar breathe back to life but helpless, but i bought another gurlfriend (guitar) fortunetly i will show you, if you act like me in front of your gurl then definitely your girl gonna be stolen by other mr. wrongs (i mean a real gurl), you can get this watch at low price with 2years warranty! And there’s no need to put this watch on cold and dry place, this watch works fine under water and wine too!

btw, thanks for all those wishes i received yesterday for my birthday through txts, emails, calls this really meant a lot guys, thanks for appearing in front of me for my b’day and still i am receiving birthday wishes, thanks for motivating me whenever i felt low and special thanks to my people who never fail contacting me on my birthday each year, thanks a lot for showing love n maintaining your consistency 🙂 if you failed to wish me thn it’s fine too, i will alwys be there for you all! cheers!

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