Laxcido 4G GPS Kids Smartwatch: Good Hardware, Unimpressive Software

Laxcido 4G GPS Kids Smartwatch: Good Hardware, Unimpressive Software

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Today I’ll present you another Kids GPS Tracker Smartwatch: The Laxcido G4h.
In terms of pricing – the device costs 136.99 on Amazon and packs quite many good features;
The watch is very plastic; The top side is for the excellent 1.4 inch touch screen. It is LCD, resolution is 240x240px and is pretty good looking and can get very bright on sunny days. Unfortunately there seems to be no ambient sensor – so you set the brightness manually.
The best thing about the watch is the band – I really liked the texture – very soft, very gentle to the skin. On the back side – there’s the back cover, nothing interesting there. On the sides – an LED – which can be used as a torch! A single button; On the other side there’s the slot for the SIM card – it requires NANO SIM, and supports a wide variety of frequencies, and note that most of the 4G bands supported are covering the most popular bands used by telecoms in the United States.
The component that gave me lots of thoughts is the display – covered by plastic. as you can see – this surface can get easily scratched! And in time these scratches will be getting more and more.
So if we leave aside the too plastic nature of the build – which by the way guarantees the remarkable weight of only 40 grams.
Moving on to the software side. I will be very honest upfront – the OS on the watch feels … kind of alright – at least for scrolling; But the ecosystem and the smartphone APP are rather bad. So I very much hope that soon or later – Laxcido will develop their own app and integrate their own services;
Examining the menus – you will actually be pleased – colorful display, well responding to touching and swiping. It feels like navigating through the menus of a smartphone. But let’s open the contacts app – and look at the list – there is no way to associate them with a photo. And we all know that kids can’t read well until certain age. So that kind of menu won’t be so good for kids of age below 7 or 8 years – it will feel complicated. Very interesting is the childhood app – some added value with the option to create a schedule. And the schedule can be further updated from the smartphone app. That’s good. I was surprised to see google translate! For chat – there seems to be wechat integration; Bottomline – there are many features, but some of them are poorly integrated, and generally – while the menus are rich on functions, they lack simplicity.
The smartphone app is … well – I don’t understand how this app got a score of 4 in Google Play Store. I can’t say it’s horrible, but using it felt like a punishment, especially knowing that I was well used to the Xplora Go app – which is in-house developed and pretty polished.
I’ve also found out that the unit looks very similar if not identical to the Lemfo G4H, which costs around $40;
The watch works well, its hardware is quite good, but falls short on satisfying with its software.


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