LEMFO LEM10 4G Android 7.1.1 IP67 Waterproof Square Front Camera Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

LEMFO LEM10 4G Android 7.1.1 IP67 Waterproof Square Front Camera Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

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This LEM10 smartwatch has been provided by LEMFO and supported by Banggood for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to LEMFO and Banggood for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this LEM10 smartwatch, please use the links listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

Tethering app:
WiiWatch2 –
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It has been a year and a half since we have seen a square Android 7.1.1 smartwatch, and today LEMFO delivers two new versions of their video chat capable LEM10. The simple, intro level 1GB RAM with 16GB storage model is ideal for casual use and video chat. The pumped up 3GB RAM with 32GB storage version offered expanded capabilities to use the Google Assistant app (2GB minimum RAM required) and extra memory for creating a watch based video diary, installing an extensive music library, and handling multiple apps.

Both versions deliver traditional Android watch features including daily step count monitoring, a multi-sport fitness app (not integrated with GPS, unfortunately), and tethering to your phone for push notifications (but not supporting Bluetooth tethered calling). The bands are removable and replaceable with any standard 24mm band. The LEM10 supports 4G LTE SIMs for carriers operating on the GSM network, though that hasn’t been tested in this first look video.

Update from LEMFO: “Since the watch has a card slot and a button, we don’t recommend using it in water to prevent the card slot and button from entering the water. It will be very troublesome after entering the water.”

Find a link to the special “Display Brightness” app mentioned in this video which is not available in the Google Play Store in our Smartwatch Resource Center (link below).

Compare with FINOW Q1 PRO review:

Also, see the “LEM T” Gaming smartwatch if you like square rather than round smartwatches:

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LEM10 portfolio:

From: Eric Crochemore:
For those willing to access more faces, you can install my special face that opens the watchmaker compatibility : just add some .watch files in your clockskin directory and they will be shown in my face setting. Look here : Install tutorial here :

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