Technology for Good – episode fourteen

Technology for Good – episode fourteen

This is episode fourteen of Technology for Good – a weekly Hangout to discuss news of technology solutions that work to benefit people’s lives.

Here are the stories we discussed in the show:
Climate change: Pacific Ocean acidity dissolving shells of key species
Esri Announces Climate Resilience App Challenge 2014

IBM Watson: A Platform for Innovation in the New Era of Computing
Google Stops Scanning Student Gmail Accounts for Ads
Film download prices ‘to be determined by screen size’

Facebook open sources Pop for iOS, the extensible animation engine behind Paper
Google Launches Standalone Docs and Sheets Apps for iOS and Android
Real talk: the new Snapchat makes texting fun again
Introducing Anonymous Login and an Updated Facebook Login
Meet Vhoto: This new iPhone app scans your videos to find amazing still photographs

Amazon’s new Wearable Technology hub showcases the latest smartwatches, activity trackers, and more
Kid Wearables? LeapFrog Debuts Fitness Tracker for Training Wheels Set
Google Glass Parts Estimated to Cost Less Than $80
Samsung attempts to preempt Apple’s Healthbook launch with a health-focused event of its own in late May
Wearable Horizons this weekend! (I’m speaking, promo)

Facebook Ready to Begin Second Data Center in Iowa
What Will The Data Center of 2025 Look Like?
AMD’s Beema, Mullins chips use software, sensor smarts to cut power, not performance
Google shows homegrown server with IBM Power chip

Skype makes group video calling free on Windows, Mac, and Xbox One; coming to all platforms ‘in the future’
Cassini Spies the Ice-Giant Planet Uranus
McDonald’s sets new sustainability goals y


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Fitness Watches

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