The Iconic French Beret is Going Nowhere Fast (1999)

The Iconic French Beret is Going Nowhere Fast (1999)

Hats Off To Culture (1999) – The quintessentially French beret is going the way of the small farm, but like everything in this proud nation, they’re not giving in to the American baseball cap just yet.

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With Gallouise locked firmly between tight lips a weathered face peers out from beneath a felt beret. Here in the foothills of the Pyrennes they say you can learn a lot about a man by the way he balances his beret. “Those with an eye for the girls pull it down to the side,” relates a local enthusiast. But the young are not impressed by the body language of the beret. “Perhaps they’re just not old enough to realise what the beret represents,” despairs a father whose teenage son rejects the ancient headgear. There’s now only one beret factory left in France. But countryfolk are not yet despairing for another lost piece of rural France. “When you’re young you follow fashion but in fifty years? Everybody will be wearing a beret.”

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