Unboxing of cheapest Smart Watch from Bingo

Unboxing of cheapest Smart Watch from Bingo

Hello friends, in this video I’m going to unbox a smart watch named Bingo-U8. This is the cheapest one, so don’t compare with high-end smart watches. It is more suitable to named as toy smart watch. There are so many functionalities like, sleepometer, pedometer but in frank opinion they not working properly. When any call arrives you have to call through this watch either in loudspeaker mode or have to take this near the ear as we talk with our mobile phone. In public place it is not convenient. But some feature is good, when you ride a bike, it will show who is calling, any sms, emails, push notification like facebook twitter, it reflects in the watch’s screen. Will also ask if you want voice narration of notification or sms arrived, you can listen to it by simply saying ‘yes’. 2 analogs & 1 digital watch display mode is there, you can change it according to your preference. If you really need a watch which should be smart enough, I’ll clearly say NO to this one, but you can have all this things I show in this video, about rupees 500/-.
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