Weekend morning routine: gym, swimming, sauna & milkshake…

Weekend morning routine: gym, swimming, sauna & milkshake…

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7:00 -7:15 max I have to start my morning exercise.
If you think that I enjoy every time my workout – it is not the truth, sometime I have to motivate and push myself very hard! I play a little tricks sometime – say to myself just stand up and just go for 5 minutes walk…then another 5 mins…yes, as always the most hard are first few steps…
But if you do it every day morning and/or evening… it become a routine and you even do not think about it – just get dressed/undressed and do it, just go for it.
I have another ‘motivator’ and it perfectly works for me – fitness tracker – it counts steps (my today goal is 16,000/per day) and sleeping hours (I need 8-8,5 hrs) and deep sleep (2 hrs or more!). At the end of the day if I did not do my 16K steps, grab your ass and move outside or go to gym…
…and remember 70% Diet/Food 30% exercise.
At night if I do my exercise – 8:30-9:30 pm and then shower and 10:15 bed-time.
Good luck to everyone!

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